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 The rules 
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 Post subject: The rules
PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:47 am 
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About rules

Publishing rules, in the site owner's experience, often tends to encourage "rules lawyering;" the site owner thinks that rules lawyering is a bad idea and a waste of his time and yours. Please avoid it, and remember that the rules are subject to change at any time at the site owner's unfettered discretion, with or without any notice, and that while it's difficult to tick him off sufficiently to come up with a specific new rule, or to persuade him to lock somebody out to lower the level of annoyance, it's not utterly impossible, and has happened, from time to time*.

There are very few rules here, but what rules there are will be firmly enforced. These rules are subject to change at any time, at the sole discretion of the guy paying the bills.

1 No Private Firearm Sales

To avoid liability issues, the Forum owner has decided that no listing, buying or selling of firearms by private individuals be conducted on this forum.

Licensed dealers (FFLs) may list firearms for sale under that license; any user may post information about licensed sales.

2 No Personal Attacks

It is fine to disagree with someone, but it must be done in a civil manner. Name calling in any form is not permitted. Just remember to attack the argument, not the person.

Need an example? "You're wrong" is fine. "You're stupid" is not.

Calling someone a troll is a personal attack.

Any questions about personal attacks, or reports thereof, may be directed to any site administrator or moderator. Active moderators and administrators include Andrew Rothman, Greg, Pakrat, phorvick, plblark, and site owner joelr.

3 No Spamming

Forum moderators and administrators will promptly deal with any user who engages in the posting of spam, scams or other off-topic commercial content. Mention of appropriately topical products and services for sale is not only permitted but actually encouraged in the appropriate forum area (Classes, Gear, etc.). Regular members may post occasional commercial content (personal property for sale, apartment for rent, etc.) in the Non-Gun Freefire Zone.

4 Use of "Adult" Language

The Forum does not use many "badwords" filters nor prohibit four-letter words, although there are a few in there, primarily for the owner's amusement. We do ask that you consider the public nature of the forum and use good, adult judgment in wording your posts.

Please keep in mind that this forum is public and whatever you write may be seen to reflect -- positively or negatively -- on the entire pro-gun community.

5 Privacy

Some may choose to participate anonymously on this forum. The management respects such privacy and will, as a general rule, not reveal the identity of individual users, and asks that other users extend the same courtesy.

Abuse of anonymity for purposes of deception or trolling, however, will not be tolerated, and may result in the "outing" of such persons. The same is true for those few persons who feel that it's of some strategic benefit to maintain one position in public postings and contradictory ones in back-channel communication. The site owner suggests that all participants read Miss Manners' discussion of the various uses of "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth," and suggests that while discretion frequently requires that one not disclose the whole truth about many things -- for privacy reasons among others -- it's both impolite and unhelpful to be other than candid, if not necessarily always forthcoming.

6 Be Honest
Changing the text inside a [[quote]] tag is also prohibited: don't put words in others' mouths. If you feel that messing with a quotation is necessary, no problem; please step forward to volunteer to be the subject of such editing; the site owner will be happy to edit your text so that you are admitting to having sex with flaming goats, and giving the authorities your address.

7 Infractions

Breaking these rules may result in sanctions ranging from a private warning to immediate expulsion, at the discretion of the site moderators, subject to review by the site owner, whose decisions shall be final -- unless he changes his mind. Users should not be misled by a private, friendly reminder: future reminders are nearly guaranteed to be less private and less friendly.

* Think of this as "Rule 0". There have been a few folks who have attempted to see how close they can come to being rule-zeroed into a vacation or permanent ban without actually getting those consequences.

While the site owner freely admits that he doesn't understand such behavior, he does acknowledge that it exists, and is willing to play along with the game, up to a point, pointless as he thinks that it is. Beyond that, the small number of folks who seem to insist on playing such games can go play them somewhere else.

Just a guy.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

This is a static archive the Twin Cities Carry forum, maintained as a public service by the current forum of record, The Minnesota Carry Forum.

All times are UTC - 6 hours

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