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3/25-3/26 MWCA Gun Show - MN State Fair COLISEUM Building
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Author:  cobb [ Sun Mar 26, 2006 2:50 pm ]
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Kinda, sorta, got a deal.
I have been looking for a simple .38 special to use as a range gun for some upcoming ladies beginners classes. I was leaning towards a S&W model 10 if I could find one for the right price, but I was open for other models also.
Never found what I was looking for, came close on a couple of times, like a S&W model 64, but I thought it was a tad high in price and also maybe it was a little heavy for what I wanted it for.
On the way home, talking with the guys I car pooled with, one mentioned that he new a small time dealer that he thought had a S&W model 10 for sale. This dealer usually only does special orders and doesn't carry any inventory, but took this S&W model 10 in on trade because it was so nice. So, checked it out this morning and that little S&W model 10 was as close as you can get to new without being new. So with sales tax, it was $239.63 and out the door I walked with my new sweetheart.

Now what to do, it is just too nice to use as a training gun, so I guess I'm still looking for one of those, but I did pick up a nice Smith for myself.

Author:  KnotyGuy [ Sun Mar 26, 2006 7:53 pm ]
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Got there right at the start and was looking for a NIB S&W 1911Sc 4.25". Found 2 and got that one that was $70 cheaper then the other. At $713 it's even cheaper then any currently listed on! Took it to Bill's North today and put about 300 rounds though it. It ran perfect and shoots better then I can. What a crowd but glad I went!

Author:  wingrider [ Sun Mar 26, 2006 9:47 pm ]
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Picked up a Kel-Tec P3AT on Saturday afternoon. I wanted something I could slip in a shorts pocket for summer carry. The G27 I normally carry is a bit thick and heavy for that. The P3AT seems to fit the need perfectly. Prices were all over the place. As high as $319 for Parkerized and as low as $249 for standard. I found a parkerized one for $254 and bought that.
It was reaaly crowded when I arrived at about noon. The crowds died down after about 3:00. I could have spent a lot more if I hadn't left when I did.

Author:  Prolix [ Sun Mar 26, 2006 11:20 pm ]
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Yeah, Saturday right at lunch time was apparently a popular time to arrive!

I guess the main thing that caught my eye was the FN Five-seveN I'd already bought from lastgunshop :P Had to pick that bad boy up.

Otherwise, I did keep an eye out for EAA Bounty Hunter II shotguns (a.k.a. Baikal IZH-43's, side-by-side). 12 GA, 20" barrel models only, please :? Now I already have one, but you see a coworker I met up with at the show mentioned how much he liked my little SxS as a 'fun gun' sort of thing. He was mainly there AK-47 shopping, but when I mentioned that my BH2 was only like $330 he said he'd get one that day if he could find one for that price. So, in the interests of furthering commerce and gun ownership, of course I started looking around :D

Anyway, beyond that, I had fun seeing the overpriced Kel-Tecs too :roll: Not that $250 is terrible, but $300 is quite high for a blued P3AT. Especially since that gun did not seem rare there (lastgunshop had some). It was also nice to hold EAA Witness 10mm full-size and compact steel models, been considering them. Someone in my family sold some brass at the show; good time all-around.

Author:  Pakrat [ Mon Mar 27, 2006 12:36 am ]
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Prolix -

Lastgunshop told me to say that I dropped your new gun while playing with it. But, I didn't want to be mean. I did hold it, but didn't dry fire it (wanted to keep it new).

Let us know how that shoots.

Author:  Prolix [ Mon Mar 27, 2006 1:52 am ]
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Pakrat wrote:
Lastgunshop told me to say that I dropped your new gun while playing with it. But, I didn't want to be mean. I did hold it, but didn't dry fire it (wanted to keep it new).

Whoa, man! I had heart palpitations between reading your first & second sentences. Don't do that!


After a thorough review of the owner's manual, I learned that it's rather GLOCK-like in that it needs to be dry-fired to take the gun down, before that I wasn't even sure if dry-firing it was OK.

Irregardless, according to the casing with the gun, some Belgian named C. Verdin beat us both to firing it :?

It shoots really nicely (see, between my friend's new AK and my new pistol, we had enough reason to go to the range that day :D). Need to be savin' that brass, yet its ejector is on steroids, oy. Within the couple hundred rounds I shot, I had reason to move the rear sight a few notches -- worked well. We did discover that the grip pattern bites in a bit. Not comfortable when you focus on it. But I already have a rubber Pachmayr slip-on grip (no finger grooves!) on the gun, it's feelin' better now.

Surprisingly, SS195 ammunition (2050 FPS) shoots smoother than SS197 (1700 FPS). Guess it must be the 28 versus 40 grain bullet weight? Or something.

I wrote a big post about it on another forum, and summed things up by saying that overall I am just really impressed with the thing as a package, there is a very systemic feeling to the design and what you get with it (just to mention a couple: really nice cleaning kit, sight adjustment tool, those three lovable mags [friend thought I had bought extras already!]). Pretty darned happy with it.

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