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Father shoots/kills 9 year old son
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Author:  princewally [ Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:20 am ]
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Dick Unger wrote:
I've only hunted turkeys a few times: it seemed like the safest thing in the world. It's just a 40 yard potshot at a rooster with No 4 birdshot.

I can't imagine how people can mistake each other for turkeys. Even in tall grass you just stand up to see when you shoot.

That's easy, you put a camo hat on your kid, then shoot at brown movement in the brush, without identifying your target.

Author:  DeanC [ Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:00 pm ]
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Dick Unger wrote:
I can't imagine how people can mistake each other for turkeys.

Especially when you are only supposed to shoot one with a visible beard - a brushy appendage only a couple inches long. If you don't see a beard, you have no business even bringing the gun up into a shooting position.

Author:  Pred [ Wed Apr 23, 2008 9:44 am ]
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Now I heard on a local radio station this morning that he didn't have a turkey hunting license??

Author:  johninminnesota [ Wed Apr 23, 2008 10:06 am ]
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Pred wrote:
Now I heard on a local radio station this morning that he didn't have a turkey hunting license??

Same kind of guy who "sound shoots" while hunting...

Author:  Ronin069 [ Wed Apr 23, 2008 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  It just gets worse...

This story gets more sad everytime I see an update. Now we learn that the dad did not have a valid license and may not even have had permission to hunt on the land he was using. I am a father of young boys and as I look at the photo in the Star Tribune it absolutely breaks my heart - what a waste.

Author:  Ronin069 [ Mon May 05, 2008 2:29 pm ]
Post subject:  It just gets worse...

Now it is reported that he had alcohol and pot in his system...I'm back to my belief that maybe people need to be tested and licensed before they can bring kids into this very sad.

Author:  princewally [ Mon May 05, 2008 2:35 pm ]
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The pot in his system doesn't bother me, unless he was smoking before hunting. If he used it to get to sleep the night before, fine.

Unfortunately, it looks like he was just stupid and made poor decisions at every possible juncture--poaching, trespassing, hunting drunk, noise-shooting, leaving his son unattended in the woods while hunting.

Klaseus blew a breath test at the scene that registered a blood-alcohol concentration of .06 percent, the charges said.

.06 after spending time walking through the woods, shooting his son, carrying back to a phone and waiting for the cops and EMT? That means he was drunk when he started.

The more I hear about this case, the longer I want Klaseus to rot in jail.

Author:  DeanC [ Mon May 05, 2008 7:20 pm ]
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The guy did just about everything wrong.

Author:  EJSG19 [ Tue May 06, 2008 8:05 am ]
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Not to beat a dead horse, but this is the update from the Star Tribune.


Charges: Hunter who killed son had beer, pot in his system
By CHAO XIONG, Star Tribune

Last update: May 5, 2008 - 11:37 PM

The Belle Plaine man who fatally shot his 8-year-old son in the chest last month while turkey hunting had alcohol and marijuana in his system at the time, according to a felony second-degree manslaughter charge filed Monday.

Anthony Klaseus, 39, told authorities that he told his son, Hunter, to stay put as he circled a field to approach turkeys sometime after 5 p.m. April 19 in a field east of Crahan Lane near County Road 6 in Sibley County, according to charges filed in Sibley County District Court.

Klaseus called to the turkeys. They called back and moved toward him.

"Then I heard something snap or break near me, and a large figure rose up," he told authorities. "I thought it was a turkey, and I shot and it went down. I thought I shot the turkey. Then my son jumped back up screaming and then fell back down."

Hunter, dressed in full camouflage and wearing a hood, looked like a "turkey fanning out," Klaseus told authorities. Department of Natural Resources regulations only allow hunters to shoot turkeys with visible beards, a feathered appendage on the breast.

Klaseus and paramedics performed CPR on Hunter, but he died at the scene.

Klaseus took a breath test at the scene that registered a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.06 percent, the charges said. A urine test taken three hours after the shooting showed an ethyl alcohol concentration of 0.05 grams per 67 milliliters. It also showed that he had marijuana in his system, although the exact concentration won't be known for a few weeks.

Authorities said it's unclear exactly when he consumed the alcohol and marijuana.

Two 12-packs of beer, three six-packs of beer, an empty 24-pack of beer and a marijuana pipe were found in Klaseus' truck at the scene, the charges say. The packs of beer contained empty and full cans.

"That's just one side of the story," said Klaseus' attorney, Patrick Flanagan. "The family is distraught. They're trying to work through the loss of their son. They were hoping the county attorney would come up with a different conclusion."

Flanagan declined to address details revealed in the charges. The family did not want to comment, said Hunter's grandmother.

Hunter's death was the first turkey hunting fatality since turkey hunting began here in 1978. Last year, two people were fatally shot in hunting accidents in Minnesota. All told, in 2007, there were 23 incidents of hunters being shot at in the state.

"One of the 10 safety rules of hunting, besides being sure of your target, is not to consume ... alcohol or be on any kinds of drugs," said Al Thomas, executive director of Turn in Poachers, a nonprofit that promotes safe and ethical sportsmanship. "By following the rules of safe shooting, maybe it could've been prevented."

Klaseus is also charged with felony reckless discharge of a firearm and two misdemeanor charges: trespassing and hunting turkeys without a license. He was drawn to buy a license, but never made the $18 purchase.

Klaseus is scheduled to make his first court appearance May 22. He will not be arrested in connection with the charges.

He was cited by a DNR official for marijuana possession in 1996.

Chao Xiong • 612-673-4391

Not trying to kick a guy while he's down, but frankly it seems this person has no business hunting in the first place. The marijuana and alcohol is no excuse, I've had run in's with my fair share of drunken deer hunters, but none of them ever shot anyone on accident, much less taken the time to actually aim, fire, and kill someone without making sure of the target.

This is really a very sad and pathetic form of an accident. The more I read the harder this is to call an accident. I don't know what the right wording is, but it should include, "ignorant", "stupid", and "what the hell were you thinking?"

Author:  Suited [ Tue May 06, 2008 8:19 am ]
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Permit holders must be below .04 BAC but is there a similar limit for hunters?

Author:  Ronin069 [ Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Look who's back in the news...

There goes my blood pressure again... ... tModules:1

Author:  SultanOfBrunei [ Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:54 pm ]
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The other charges against Anthony Klaseus, 40, were dropped: reckless discharge of a firearm and two misdemeanors: trespassing and hunting turkeys without a license.

(and we wonder why our streets are full of criminals.)

Author:  someone1980 [ Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:46 pm ]
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They still tagged him for the big charge.

The criminal complaint showed that Klaseus had alcohol and marijuana in his system when he shot his son, Hunter, in the chest on the evening of April 19.

Oh my. And to think I try to set people strait who believe that hunters and gun owners are nothing but irresponsible red necks. I can only talk to and convince so many people. The news people get so much larger piece of the population.

And a kid is still dead. :(

Author:  princewally [ Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:47 am ]
Post subject: ... 2&a=357979
GAYLORD, Minn. -- A Belle Plaine man has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for fatally shooting his 8-year-old son in a hunting accident last April.

Anthony Klaseus was also sentenced to 10 years of probation plus 80 hours of community service for each of the next five years. His community service will include speaking about hunting safety.

Klaseus and his son, Hunter, were hunting turkeys April 19 when he mistook the boy for a turkey and shot him in the chest. The boy was wearing camouflage clothing, and authorities found alcohol and traces of marijuana in the father's system.

Klaseus pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter on June 19.

Author:  Blackriv73 [ Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:01 am ]
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Could you imagine trying to get up in front of a group of kids to talk about hunter safety after you've shot and killed your own child? I'm not saying I feel sorry for this guy, but if this happened to me I'd be a blubbering idiot in that situation - not sure how effective I would be.

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