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10mm enough said!
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Author:  grayskys [ Sun May 15, 2011 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 10mm enough said!

joelr wrote:
grayskys wrote:
I was looking at the S&W 41s, not to sure what the recoil/performance is like, tho I have a S&W model 627 snub nose (from their performance center) in 357 on my "win the lottery list". Clint Eastwood used one in a so-so movie called blood work. The firearm seems to lack the fiber-optic sight Clint had in the movie tho... Wonder if they could special order it, my eyes are not aging gracefully.

Whose are? In practice, with most guns, aftermarket sight installation is not a terribly complicated deal.

Was thinking s&w could do the sights, but at $900+, i doubt I will be able to afford the firearm anyway.

I like the factory tritium sights on my glock 17, but they do not work very well in twilight, and I doubt I would even get a chance to use them if I was attacked anyway.

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